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Established | 1976

Welcome to Kurtex Property Management

Kurtex Property Management is an Aurora, Colorado company dedicated to providing stellar management services featuring the experience needed to best serve both our communities and their residents. We treat every property with the individual care and attention it requires to thrive. No matter the community size or needs, we have the expertise to take care of every detail within managing a community.

With a growing portfolio of Colorado properties, we seek to optimize their effectiveness within their specific regions. We understand that no two communities are alike so we aim to create a management plan tailored to make every unique vision possible. Our hard-working and passionate team takes pride in being able to serve each one of our properties with the utmost respect and enthusiasm.

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Management Strategies & Services

The market is forever changing and shifting. We help our properties to navigate these trends with our team of professionals who work closely with each community to ensure we accomplish present and future growth goals. With a thorough understanding of each area’s challenges, we help plan the best approach to move forward.

"This is Auroras finest landlord Mr. Lochmiller treated me like a king he really does a great job with maintance and let me move in early and he comped my remodeling requests for new paint and carpeting he even through in a new refrigerator stainless steel as a lease signing bonus what a generous soul he is so giving I was moved to tears thank you again you are a heavenly landlord.

Miles W.

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